Clever Kids is a philanthropic endeavor of Clever Creative, Inc., an award-winning creative agency headquartered in Los Angeles. A team of designers, writers, and strategists with thirty-plus years of combined expertise, our philosophy is to use both left-brained logic and right-brained creativity to craft design solutions that turn heads and drive results. Now we’re using our noodle to support the community that has supported us; after ten years of pitching, we’re pitching in!


Clever Kids is all about fostering creativity. Taught by design professionals, our all-inclusive workshops encourage kids to get crafty and hands-on with a variety of art materials and techniques. We then give 100% of the proceeds directly to a designated local school PTA.

Photography Credit, Teri Weber


We love to be creative and we think kids should have opportunities to be creative, too; our workshop ideas are based on the activities we enjoyed as crafty kids. We also think it’s pretty cool to empower kids to support their own schools while developing their imaginations.





Clever Kids Workshop

2855 S. Barrington Ave
Los Angeles CA 90064